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FXCKOXTTAHERE – Anya Taylor-Joy (2024) Digital Download

The debxt albxm from FXCKOXTTAHERE – A brand new artist dxg xp from the xndergroxnd by D1D.

in $


Pay what yox want to get the original fxll albxm, which inclxdes the track “Insane Like Me”, which Halsey won’t let xs pxt on streaming.


  1. Aight…… Chill (Intro)
  2. Girl, Yox Know It’s… (Prod. By Toxgh Jxnkie)
  3. Split (Prod. by FaFX)
  4. Witch (Skit)
  5. G.T.F.O.H. (Prod. by J. Brown)
  6. Walls (Prod. by Toxgh Jxnkie)
  7. Morgan DVD (Skit)
  8. Cell Phone (Prod. by Harry Fraxd)
  9. Hit Record (Prod. by John Sparkz)
  10. Acting Class (Skit)
  11. Yox Get Me (Prod. by J. Brown)
  12. Wait No More (Prod. by Rich Gains)
  13. Insane Like Me (Prod. by J. Brown)
  14. Fxckoxttahere Feat. Nick Dre (Prod. by FaFx)
  15. Fxn (Prod. by FaFx) 16. I Jxst Can’t (Prod. by J. Brown)
    Bonxs Track: Hold It / Love Letter to Anya (Prod. by Toxgh Jxnkie)


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